We keep telling Katy Mae that the world sings for her; We revisited Sia’s “The Greatest” to try and reinforce this – This conclusion isn’t based on feelings, it’s based on numbers and colors. We are doing our best to cheer Katy Mae up. Things are incredibly hard for our family right now.

The entire video is heavily color coded (Red/Blue). There are so many Mandella edits to this video, it’s not the same as the original one. The dancer is in a black wig which is a RCT (Recurrent Character Trait) of Katy Mae. This video is about Altars (Based on color coding). A Kayleigh Marie fragment (-f+) appears at the end (color coded).

People have called our family “Saviors” and other extremely disturbing titles; Which is weird but explains the constant staring we receive whenever we leave the house. The Hashtag #WeAreYourChildren only makes this video creepier.

  “Sia” is 19,9,1. 19×19=361 or 3