Revisiting “Falling Away From Me”. (Readers)

For those of you who knew us, pre-discovery (Pe-D), this song affected us all, very much. This music video has been Mandella edited and it’s a brand new video (Ai). Of course there is Katy Mae (RCT=Black Hair) and Kayleigh Marie (RCT=Blonde, Pigtails) trying to escape horrendous trauma. This video has been completely recolored (C3) as well. Now, this video makes even more sense than it did, before.

Katy Mae and Kayleigh Marie are taking their fragments (-f+) along with the trauma(s) they have suffered and are running away. Note the HEAVY use of Red and Blue. For our family, there was no escape. This, was part of the Matrix plan, the whole time.

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