You will hear our family talk a lot about a Possession (-P+) and a Split (?/S/?). So what’s the difference between the two? A possession (-P+) is a reaction by the ANP or someone else in our family who becomes temporarily dominant (D). Possessions can happen because of happiness, anger, or any overwhelming situation in which an Altar wants or needs to become temporarily dominant to deal with whatever is happening (Gatekeeping). The best way to describe it is a feeling like a manic ghost has taken over your mind and body and whoever was dominant is no longer in control. It’s an exhausting process.

A “Split” is an Altar or ANP who has now become dominant for an extended amount of time. Splits can last weeks, months, or in some extreme cases up to a year (In our case). In most cases, if a split has occurred, the ANP or Altar(s) will self identify as having become dominant. Dominance can fluctuate.

In common media, you will see an actor or actress portraying our family who is constantly splitting into different altars in quick succession – This is better defined as a set of Possessions happening in quick succession. A Co-Engagement is defined as our entire family (Or specific family members) talking to each other or talking to someone in our lives but isn’t possessed. Think of a Co-Engagement as a situation that happens when our family is calm and comfortable.