This is an external projection (E/p+) of an Echo Element (E/e=DCS, Pooky,ANP) of an inner world (I/w=DCS) with #Pooky. #Pooky is someone who inherits many of our inner worlds on all three axis’s (Direct, Ad-Hoc, In lieu) and was present for many of them before we discovered (Pre-Discovery -Pe-D) we were living with #DiD.

What defines an echo element as being an external projection is that the Echo Element is applied directly to #Pooky (Or anyone for that matter). In this hilarious external projection of an inner world, #Pooky is riding in the backseat (RIO) of a jet (F-14) we are flying, screamin “KILL HIM!” MikeANP is doing the flying saying “I’m trying!!! AHHH!!!”

This External Projection has sound; Click the little speaker icon!


It should be noted that whenever you see an External Projection tag, you will see either a + or a -. Whenever you have the + sign, this is a positive projection meaning that it’s funny, or positive, supportive or uplifting. As you can imagine a – sign means something, well, negative.