The only takeaway from the Chistopher Watts (33) murders was that he dumped his dead children in an oil tank (Which is completely stupid – Why not bury them next, or with, the buried wife). The entire story is loaded with so many threes (3/33), we know at this point it wasn’t a real story with too many LOC (Lack of Consequence) models; More markers for our family; Dead children and an oil/water tank (Water Tower).

What is pretty silly, however is that as most of you know, we are lingerie freaks/admirers. The Matrix LOVES to torture us sweetly with women in lingerie – Sweeter than Yoohoo. Below, is a “Crime Scene” photo that we will let you look and chuckle at. This was taken from the “dead body” of Christopher Watt’s wife. No shit. Pretty entertaining, Mr. Matrix, touche. We never believed that was a real story, by the way – Thank you though, for the tip.

Can anyone solve this puzzle?