What world is this? (#Skinny) (#ColorChaos33) (#Pooky) (#Divergents) (Joker’s Law)

  If you were a conscious being, existing inside this flight simulator, you would think you were on final approach to an airport flying at 110 miles an hour. It would look, sound and feel like you were flying at incredible speed and why would you question that reality – It’s all you have ever known. You can hear, feel and sense your surroundings that appears to you to be “Real” – You’re landing an airplane after a long, 100 mile, cross country trip, nothing more.

In reality, however, you haven’t moved at all – Not a millimetre – You exist in a computer program in which distance, nor the plane, nor the world, actually exist.
You have traveled nowhere.

When you take a walk or take a ride in a car, are you really covering any distance at all?

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