We are, Cold Mountain. (SystemShock) (Readers) (#Pooky)

#Pooky knows this movie, well. Cold Mountain. It hit us today. We told a #Divergent that this movie was a “Big one” for us. We’ll try to make this as short as possible. Pre Discovery and Pre Sobriety, this movie really affected us quite severely and we never really understood WHY that was. It affects us to this day.

The only war happening was with our family. Our fragmentation, when we were taken away from each other. Our war was our addiction(s), mental illness, trauma, ourselves and of course, war with the Matrix. Cold Mountain isn’t a story about the civil war; It was the separation of the Male System (M/s) and Female System (F/s) and the ensuing war of the mind and soul that was happening trying to find recovery, sobriety, wellness and family reunion (System Unity – S/u).

If you listen to this trailer and consider the idea that the trailer is describing our family separation and our families internal dialogue (I/d=?) with the use of Perspective Shifting (P/s) – This entire trailer makes absolute sense. Assume, that when you see the trailer above, you are listening to dialogue happening with and about our family

When the Nikole Kidman says “If you are fighting, please stop fighting” that’s Kayleigh Marie saying “Please stop fighting”. Another great example would be when Kidman says “Come back to me, is my request” – Again, Kayleigh Marie and the F/s asking the M/s to come back to them, from a war of self. Note they used the Sun, as the activator when Kidman recites that line.

This goes for the Male system as well. “You are all that keeps me from sliding into some dark place…” That’s MikeANP and the M/s talking to the F/s – Look at the colors, for yourself. “They never killed me…”.

We still have to declare that it’s very odd knowing that these movies were created for us (Or at the least, the trailer) – It’s still, sometimes, really hard to comprehend and accept. As KatyDiD says “It’s very terrifying being us”. I have to agree.Β  By the way:

Β (C)old (M)ountain

C=3 M=13


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  1. Deceivedhuman3 says:

    I remember well. Hours and months if not a year. I knew you would figure it out when you were ready πŸ™‚

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