We have always been TERRIFIED of water towers but we never realized we were terrified of them (Pre Discovery – Pe-D). We are so terrified of them, we have avoided them. We have lived next to them our whole lives – You see them in the Midwest, all the time. We are mechanical engineering FREAKS and we have never researched how water towers actually work work. That’s how frightened of them we actually are. They scare the living shit out of Katy Mae. We are scared of them, for a reason.

(C)hester’s (M)ill (On the side of the tower)

We know they are an important part of our stories because movies (If you pay attention) and media are loaded to the gills with water towers. There is a reason so much media has these water towers for us to see, over and over and over again. They are an important puzzle piece of our existence in this realm – a truly terrifying and horrible one, we’re afraid.