Im crying already. It’s been a horrible last few days. I was in the car today almost in tears because I remembered this particular scene and i wanted to share it with you but I don’t really know why yet. Maybe its a bit of catharsis. i added the storm sirens because they are so scary/haunting but many in my family craves hearing/listening to them. They remind us of home. we grew up listening to them. this lightcast has sound. <3 <3 <3

For those of you lovely souls that want to know what my father is really like, the part of him you don’t see, the private person, watch the movie Armageddon. They got my father dead on. They got him just right. its all the same thing as my dad says. another story about someone who gave their lives so the world could live. another Jesus story – A savior. <3 <3 <3