Ā  As most of you know, Mr/Mrs Matrix has been watching our family – Our entire lives. About 10 (Pre-Discovery/Pre Sobriety) years ago, Kayleigh took to the digital sky in a Mirage2000N. I (MikeANP) didn’t know she existed yet and I had no idea it was her flying. Looking back, of course, you can see Kayleigh’sĀ  demeanor in the way she flies. Like a daredevil with long, sweeping banks and extremely aggressive flying.

If you can tolerate the boredom of this video, you can see Kayleigh’s aggressive demeanor in her technical flying skill(s). she’s a daredevil.

Ā  What makes this story so incredible is the fact that the Matrix knew it was Kayleigh. How do we know that? just HAPPENS to be a show featuring a blonde (Kayleigh) fighter pilot flying the exact same jet (Mirage 2000) as Kayleigh did, all those years ago – This movie was released right around the same time (2005). In fact, #Pooky was there when we discovered this show featuring Kayleigh, pre-discovery (About 5 years ago).

Ā  We were enamored with seeing a female fighter pilot flying a Mirage, for seemingly no reason – Moved to tears, in fact. Now we know why – Because Kayleigh Marie was featured (C3) in the show “les chevaliers du ciel”!!! They got her dead on.