Ahhh, what they never tell you. Positive and Negative. They are missing an important word: Positive and Negative POLES. A “Battery” is a magnet. The giveaway of course are rechargeable batteries. Mimicking nature.

When you rub a piece steel sewing needle one direction, what happens? It becomes magnetic but eventually It loses it’s charge. You have to rub the needle again to regain it’s magnetic properties.

This is what is really happening when you plug your phone into a wall. You’re literally recharging a magnet – Not a device that they claim has the same electromotive energy potential as the Hadron Collider. No battery ever made has the electromotive energy potentional capable of sending a physical body, an electron, through a solid medium that is an electric wire, instantly, at the speed of light. You have to really be brain dead to believe that’s the case.

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This theory violates the fundamental law of physics and theromodynamics and we knew it was silly at 10 years old, which is why we never paid attention in school. We knew it was bullshit as children. If you had that much stored energy potentional in a tiny battery (The Hadron Collider cannot get a particle to light speed yet) and you connected it to something, you’d level an entire city block with a massive explosion of store energy release. Every 1.5 volt battery would be a weapon of mass destruction.