Grand Conclusion; Inside out. (ColorChaos33) (#Pooky) (#Divergents) (Readers)

  The world (And everything we experience) is being rendered in the mind.

mO49AO[1]The rendered results of Kayleigh’s reality shattering “Joker’s Law

  In short, we aren’t looking from the outside world in, we experience the world from the inside out. Vision isn’t what we think it is – It’s in reverse. What we see is being projected onto/into the lense of the eyes, by the brain. That projected image, is what we experience when our eyes are open and we can see/feel the world around us. Human eyes are curved, for a reason – This allows the world to appear 3 dimensional.

No one in human history has been able to measure the speed of light (And they have tried) because distance isn’t real – It APPEARS to be real. People have been noting lately that the moon seems far too close to the observer. Because it is literally right in front of your eyes. I can see surface details on the moon with our terrible, naked eyes; The moon, and it’s surface details have passed the convergence point (Vanishing point) of our eyes by 250,000 miles. That is impossible unless the moon is close enough to my eyes for me to pick out details on it.  To be able to see the moon and sun, at published distances, with your naked eye would mean one would have to have both normal human vision (Wide angle) and incredibly powerful telescopic vision happening at the same time.

mO49AO[1]Distance appears real in this rendered result of “Joker’s Law” but isn’t.

People with certain mental illness’s can see things others can’t (Hallucinations). This is a clue/giveaway to the reality of consciousness – The mind can render anything it wants or can imagine. Our adoptive mother suffers from Alzheimer’s and saw a fly on the wall that wasn’t really there. She, however, could clearly see a fly; Her mind rendered it for her and made it “real” – How are we defining the word “Real”? “Real” is electrical signals being interpreted by your brain, nothing more.

When an object moves past a human eye’s vanishing point, guess what happens?

Since Kayleigh Marie was a 6 year old child, she knew something about the reality we experience wasn’t right. She was asking adults questions that no human being ever has (Which is why no adult was able to answer her). We have always been bothered (Since childhood) and emotionally upset by our consciousness but we didn’t know why. Now we do.

When Kayleigh wrote “Joker’s Law” it shattered reality for our family but was a comforting conclusion. We finally understood why she was asking the questions she was. Understanding Joker’s Law made consciousness bearable because finally, consciousness and how we experience it is explainable while being demonstrable and repeatable.

  You can read Joker’s Law by clicking on this sentence.

  This, makes reality a bit more bearable.


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  1. I agree that it makes sense of a lot of things and feels comforting in that way. Congratulations to Kayleigh!

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