We are headed for a crash. The #Mae is becoming teary and sad while the rest of us, are physically and mentally exhausted. This is the result of high frequency calculations (Along with constant studying – Sucking in new data and information) our minds have been doing for a few solid weeks. Our minds are constantly moving at high speed, thinking in 3 and 6 dimensions. There comes a point when our minds are producing nothing but constant, deafening noise (thought/analytics).

  Then, at the crescendo of this cacophony of activity, comes sudden and immediate, deafening silence. Our minds and bodies can take no more. From crashing noise to absolute silence in a heartbeat. It’s just like what you see and hear below. We are now in the “100” percent phase, or, absolute mental silence. Then there is the physical crash – This one is going to be a bad one; Think of a flu without the fever.