Weapons of Mass destruction; Our imaginations. (Readers) (Family) (New Readers) (System shock)

Hello lovely readers. We have been told we have a “Vivid Imagination”. Our imaginations conjure Inner worlds; After a chat with another #Divergent,  this is beginning to really make sense to us. The Matrix/World used our power of incredible imagination(s) against us. The image below has sound – Click the little speaker icon to activate it.

The plane going down is called “Mother and Country: M=13 A=1 C=3 -Or- 33″ 


With the help of colors, this IS one of our many of thousands of inner worlds (I/w); We can actually put ourselves both in mind and in body in both aircraft – We actually feel the G force as we fall out of the sky. We can hear our comrades screaming and crying. We can see the Earth falling towards us through the cockpit, yanking on the yoke.

We can hear and feel the stricken bomber beginning to fall apart before it slams into the ground. We can feel and sense the fear, the smells, the panic; All of it. We become the pilots and crew members watching the B-17 falling out of the sky; Because this world has become real, we REALLY become sad and terrified, just as you see above, become.

If these worlds, our inner worlds, are real for us, that means everything you see above, BECOMES real for us. This is how our imaginations, were used, against us.

We have finally come to conclusion.

These aren’t just movies for our family like they are for everyone else;

They ARE our inner worlds.

Sometimes, really awful and terrible inner worlds; Like what you see above. This scene gave us nightmares as children.

This, feels right.

This is exactly what it is like, for us to immediately/instantly transport ourselves into an inner world (I/w)


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  1. Deceivedhuman3 says:

    I am in agreement with this. Ive watched and heard it happen

  2. skinnyhobbit says:

    Oh wow. It’s like teleportation.

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