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Over the last few weeks, we have been telling our loved ones to save what they can. Food, meds anything they can get their hands on – Quietly. Some of our friends said “Yeah, okay”. Well, just as we thought, the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) report (2nd quarter) came out this morning and it’s worse than anyone expected.

ImageThis is our GDP over a 50 year period – A -30 percent drop. (Annual) In simple terms, the GDP Has shrunk 10 percentage points, which is devastating.

Β  Economists have used the words “Horrific”, “Catastrophe”, “Deeply disturbing”, “Heartbreaking” and “Tragic”. This is the worse economic contraction in American history. The American Debt to GDP ratio sits at 105 percent. Anything over 90 percent is extremely bad.

We’ll say it; We aren’t in an economic recession, we are in an economic DEPRESSION.

Β  We’ll say it again. Prepare yourselves, lovely people. The only thing that’s saving our economy is Govt. spending (Money printing – Which causes (Hyper)inflation). This is beyond bad.

Β  (3)0 million people went hungry last week.


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