Thank’s for the head’s up, Mr. Matrix. (Mr. Matrix) (Purity Balls) (#Divergent5)

Our family cannot fucking imagine the severe mental damage and incredible emotional torment that would arise from forcing a daughter (Or daughters) to marry their father in some religiously inspired mock marriage ceremony; Jesus H. Christ. <Shaking head>

This is just absolutely revolting and it has serial sex abuse written all over it.

Β  Your move, Mr. Matrix, in regards to #Divergent 5 – Our entire family feels for her.

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  1. Turn it off its disgusting. <3 <3 <3

  2. skinnyhobbit says:

    I wasn’t forced into a “purity ball” but purity culture fucked me up bigtime. One of the teachings is that women are responsible for being “pure”(not lustful men/boys) and so sexual violation becomes our fault. And that fathers “own” his daughters, and male siblings rule over their sisters too. It’s why, combined with “older siblings getting the right to beat their younger siblings”, my PerpBro felt completely justified in assaulting me. It’s why my father (mother as accomplice) and PerpBro believe they own my uterus and my body and my life…. who I am allowed to date, who I can marry, if I can quit my job or take a new etc.

    • This seems to be an overall theme with female #Divergents. Vagina shaming.

    • thats so awful and terrible. im sorry jus. <3 <3 <3 i think you are beautiful and lovely. <3 <3 <3

    • “And that fathers β€œown” his daughters” If you watch that revolting video, that is a very strong theme: Fathers “Own” their daughters – You essentially received the same kind of emotional trauma’s that these poor girls did.

      • skinnyhobbit says:

        There’s some rather niche, obscure research on this, as well! Found stuff because I am in a Facebook group for people who were raised those flavours of Christian. Basically some side effects, even _without_ overt sexual abuse, include crippling shame, and sexual dysfunctions like pelvic pain and other related symptoms.

        Universally for any female survivors who did have overt sexual trauma, the shame is compounded because you’re “damaged goods” and “caused” the sexual violation / abuse.

        Shame us probably worse for male survivors in certain specific ways too since that culture also believes men can’t be raped.

  3. skinnyhobbit says:

    I think you and your family are FAB ^_^ And Katy Mae is AMAZING.

  4. Have you seen the movie Frankie & Alice?
    Just out of curiosity. I just watched it. Email me your email again.

  5. Sickens me to think about this stuff. It is true. It happens. I have seen recently so much about Fauci and his involvement with Epstein. Did you know he is married to Epstrin’s girlfriend’s sister? OMG… this sickness in the child sex trafficking and abuse runs deep into politics, Hollywood, etc… I’m horrified. They come up with this because they are doing it

    • To that, we can’t say; The Matrix is full of bullshit. #Divergent #5, based on evidence, looks like she went through something similar to this. It’s beyond revolting – But it’s being done FOR A REASON.

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