People have asked us what a #Divergent actually is, as we have never really been clear about it, so we thought a quick explanation would help.

A #Divergent is someone who ends up transcending all of the #Factions in the realm (Earth). A #Divergent is factionless.

Do our civilizations have #Factions? Of COURSE they do! See below;

Politics have many #Factions (Left, right, centrist). Religions of the world are #Factions. Feminism and MGTOW are #Factions. Space sciences, flat earth, history, the medical professions, everything is a #Faction – A belief system, a construct.

Anyone can become a #Divergent if they choose to become one; The difficulty lies in giving away the world you knew – We mean the entire world and everything you have ever come to understand about both it, and yourself.

It is incredibly difficult in every regard to say goodbye to the world you thought you knew. It’s incredibly difficult forĀ  #Divergent to witness their loved ones, trapped in poisonous #Factions that are slowly killing their souls and able to do nothing about it. Life for a #Divergent is a seemingly powerless one, many times.

It is painful and awful to come to conclusion that literally EVERYTHING in this realm is a lie of another lie, a fabrication; A facade. It’s terrible when you realize you have come to accept lies as the “Truth”. You’ll see what we mean, if and when you take your plunge.

Becoming a #Divergent is a terrifying, lonely and liberating journey; If you want to take the plunge and become one, it’s within your grasp to accomplish. Good luck.