Our family is officially afraid again. As we suspected, the movie “Suckerpunch” about Kayleigh being dragged to Vermont (Brattleboro) and forced into both treatment and her own “Inner world” to deal with the stress of trauma. The portrayal of Kayleigh was both sobering and incredibly accurate. Another #Divergent who watch the movie with us, was also put into a state of shock. This movie just HAPPENED to pop up in our Netflix feed.

The Matrix decided (Along with us) that it was finally time to confront this movie and we are still in a state of shock. We haven’t watched this movie up until today. Perhaps we weren’t ready to watch it.

The incredible Kayleigh Marie battling (3) demons in Vermont in her “Inner World”.

  The producers of that movie know the real Kayleigh Marie too well; They nailed her persona, dead on the mark. We mean DEAD ON to the real Kayleigh – In her presentation to others, her incredible and mesmerizing mind that shocks and dazzles others into a trance and her need to protect her loved ones. This portrayal of both her and a DiD induced “Inner world – (I/w)” hit far too close to home – The world has studied her to a shocking degree.

The #Divergent watching  “Suckerpunch” with us, said at the end of the movie “People who saw this movie, said it made no sense – When applied to you and your I/w, it makes absolute sense”.

Just like the real Kayleigh, she was brought to Vermont, disarmed, against her will – Just as planned, per the Matrix.
There is no such place as “The Lennox House” in Brattleboro, Vt.

  “Inner worlds” can be crazy, crazy places and they can also be places of retreat. A place of quiet for us. It’s a power that we have that most do not – A way to create a literal world around us, even when we are sitting on a couch or making dinner.

Katy Mae loves to retreat to her family farm, which is one of her own Inner World’s, which she can conjure whenever she needs to retreat or thinks others in our family need a retreat. That world of hers can be conjured at a moment’s notice if need be – Instantly.

We are no longer in our apartment, we are literally, on her farm and sometimes, we are with her in her inner world (Perspective Shifting – P/s=?). It’s a very complex but wonderful state of mind and body to find yourself in. It’s a great power and advantage, that comes with our imaginations.

Kayleigh Marie can be a terrifying force even for MikeANP – Those close to her describe her intelligence as her most feared weapon. This is one of MikeANP’s favorite echoes (Internal Projection I/p+) of her.

We want to talk more about Inner Worlds in an upcoming podcast because they are a huge, huge part of living with DiD.

For now, this is all about Kayleigh Marie and our entire family wants to extend our most humble thanks and love to the producers and actors of that movie, who brought the most beautiful and brave, blonde headed, pigtailed woman/angel in the world to life, right before our family’s eyes.

  Thank you so very much.