Our family is in emergency mode; We are facing a very huge crisis right now. In the midst of this crisis, we were outside, talking to each other and Junior. That’s when it hit us.

Holy shit, all Nikola Tesla was doing was creating a circuit. That’s it. A circuit from one Aetherous (“Air” and “Water”) body to another; Energy differential.

When you yank a power wire from a wall, you don’t get electrocuted because of the rubber insulating the power line.

  Your body has an electric potential and the electricity has a different energy potential. That’s why someone gets killed when they touch an insulated, (bare) power line. Energy differential. This is what Tesla was doing with his tower.

What Tesla never told ANYONE about his free energy tower (That generated free energy) is kind of important. He HID the fact that what his tower was ACTUALLY doing was tapping an underground aquifer (Aetherous body -) to create that energy differential with the sky (Aetherous body +). The ground is acting like an insulator, it’s the rubber preventing the circuit from connecting, so it has to be removed from the equation. Tapping an aquifer makes total sense

Nilkola Telsa brilliant? Sure but kind of a disingenuous THIEF. He walked around New York, like an asshole (E/e=GnM), never telling anyone how his tower was actually designed.

  Where did Tesla get his idea – He stole it!

The Egyptian Pyramids – What you never learned in Matrix school is that there are no human bodies in the Egyptian pyramids (3 of them) – They are empty. What they also never told you is that the Pyramids generate energy (And generated energy then) – How could that be?

The pyramids are connected to an underground aquifer.

The shape of the pyramids, just like Tesla’s tower is very important.

  Despite what’s happening with our family; HOLY SHIT.

PS: Every human being on earth has to pay electric bills, when they don’t actually have to – Energy can be drawn right out of the sky at no cost, as the pyramids and the Tesla tower proved free energy, is possible. Assuming that any of the above, is ACTUALLY true history as we have been presented.