When MikeANP was still literally insane, I remember sitting in the kitchen, holding my head “Oh, God, what have I done!?!?”. This happened pre discovery (Pe-D) of DiD. “What the FUCK was I thinking”. I remember staring at the floor, shaking my head. Ashamed, as always.

That’s when the woman, our case manager looked right at us with those big, cute whitegurl eyes and said;

  “Maybe we know more about you, than you think….”

What was weird was her voice. It was calm, direct and deliberate.There was no stretching of her 3D voice – We see and hear human voices as 3D shapes and structures. Her voice and word troughs (H*e) weren’t changing.  She wasn’t lying.

Scared the living shit out of me (And us).

Howard Center knew exactly who we were and always did; They knew it all. Later, post discovery (Po-D) it didn’t make sense. “What, was Howard Center complicit in some kind of setup!?!?” Possible but improbable it was just them.

Now, it makes absolute sense; Of course they know who we are, everyone does. The question is no longer some whacky, nonsensical “Conspiracy” theory. The only conspiracy happening is here, we weren’t in on the gag.

Makes sense now – And it’s just as scary as it was before.

As it turns out, me (MikeANP), I wasn’t ashamed for the reasons I thought he was. Not nearly as complicated as I thought it was.