Nary the children; Stupefied. (Readers) (Family) (Mr.Matrix) (Gawking)

I (MikeANP) never realized how much Katy Mae loves children. Children’s laughter literally energizes her – Like a battery and then makes her cry. It’s a very creepy feeling when she’s being charged up. We have written about the staring people do when they see us; They react like they are seeing God itself. Some people’s jaws drop open; Other’s turn pale. People actually stop breathing.

The staring was particularly bad today grocery shopping. People don’t realize how observant we really are. We might not be looking at you, we might appear as though our attention is elsewhere but it isn’t – We see you gawking. This goes to the guy who was hiding and staring at us while he was stocking shelves. You could have just said “Hello” – Would you like to be gawked at – Like some animal in a zoo?

Children, react to us in a less defensive gate – It’s become a lot more noticeable, pre-discovery (Pe-D). Today, the cutest little girl saw us, stopped dead in her tracks and just stared – The little one was in a trance. Our eyes were dead ahead, Katy Mae, on the other hand was like “AWWWW OMG!!” – She saw the little one.

Speaking of which, the #Brick would agree with me when we say thank GOD there isn’t a cute little Kayleigh (Frag) like child (Or any child for that matter). Katy Mae would be non stop buying them gifts, trying to make them laugh and then possibly crying.


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8 Responses

  1. Deceivedhuman3 says:

    Katy would momma/auntie them to no end lol and love every minute doing it lol

  2. Deceivedhuman3 says:

    Oh very much so!!

  3. skinnyhobbit says:

    I really don’t understand why people gawk, I can only guess its due to dressing, hair, the way you all carry yourselves?

    I hope the children who stare realise how precious they are. They can see all the gawking by the adults, I’m sure, and hopefully they take it as a sign to be unabashedly themselves!

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