Inner world collision; A primer. (Readers) (Final Conclusion)


We will use something simple. Many times I walk far left of say, a sidewalk. Most people would say “Well that’s just a weird tick – He is kinda..DUMB” – Think nothing of my weird, dumb tick and move on. Makes no sense, does it?

This is exactly whats happening.

  Makes total sense once you apply the idea that Katy Mae is walking right next to me (And usually does). We always talk with each other, even if no one can hear us speaking. You may not she her and you might not hear the conversation we are having, but she’s there, chatty as usual.

The inner world blended with the “Real” one.


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2 Responses

  1. Makes complete sense to me. I have “struggles”, that’s what I call them, because they don’t have names, that talk constantly. They are not voices. They are inner “me’s”, they are parts of me. Example: one of “me’s”, often thinks, “wouldn’t it be cool if I just threw this orange at the window? Would it break it or bounce?”
    Then another me says “why are you thinking this, you can’t be serious?”
    Then the “me” that really wants to throw that orange, really, really wants to do it!
    Then “I” step in and stop the two of those “me’s”… this is an ongoing cycle of just 3 of the “me’s”.
    Probably does not make sense to anyone but those “me’s”

    • Listen and engage those lovely voices to best of your ability(s) – They are your way out of this mess. Engage with them, celebrate them, listen and consider them. Good luck!

      faðma geðveiki þinn!!! <3 <3 <3

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