Frankie and Alice – Minus the therapist. (Readers) (ColorfulChaos) (Family)


A long time reader floated a movie to us called “Frankie and Alice”. It’s a story about a woman who lives with a split personality.

All the characters in these movies have to appeal to some kind of authority in order to recover. A therapist – Someone else. A person who in modern culture(s) is held in high regard as the solution to someone’s problems. Nope. We have met therapists who were just as fucked up as the people they are treating.

Anyone who wants to get to the root of their problems doesn’t need a therapist, an outside voice; All someone needs to do, to find peace and happiness, is listen to their own voices (Everyone has them).

All they will EVER need is themselves and the courage to face their trauma in solitude, utilizing their own intelligence and due diligence. Find their own truths, for themselves.

That’s all that’s needed and that’s all will ever be needed.

Get a notebook and start writing – Alone.

  A big, lovely and wonderful shout out goes to (C)olorful (C)haos (33), who pointed this movie out to us. We might check it out, we might not. Most movies about DiD/MPD are so far off the mark, they aren’t even enjoyable for our family.

When we see movies about MPD/DiD, most of the time, someone (or many) in our family are exclaiming “OH COME ON, it’s not like that AT ALL!”.


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  1. it looks like another eye rolling one. maybe if its on netflix or something. <3 <3 <3

  2. Parts are very eye rolling, definitely, others show the depersonalisation side. I think for that period in time, the writers did not take into account other things that could have been going on with trauma. Thankfully, Frankie did receive help though and was able to move on with her life. If you watch it, let me know, Katy Bug, let me know your thoughts especially

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