Final Conclusion: Inner Worlds (Family) (Readers) (Mr. Matrix)

The conclusion of our lives. At least MikeANP. We are a family that has been existing in our inner worlds, while interacting with the real one. We have, unknowingly, dragged everyone we have ever met into our inner worlds; Usually at the cost of that relationship as they themselves don’t realize they are in our inner worlds, for a multitude of reasons.

Sometimes to be the martyr, the husband, father, lover, warrior, maniac, the serial killer, the brainac, the truant case; Sometimes, someone in our lives needs to become any of the above, or more, to exist in our inner worlds/lives.

Every action, every cyclical action/behavior that we (Or MikeANP) have taken part in, is part of an inner world – Or worlds. The same behaviors at certain times , over and over again – This to me, suggested that whatever was happening was fixed, permanent.

If we have echoed with you (Even unconsciously), ever, you have been brought into another world – Sometimes for just a second or two – Sometimes hours and sometimes days or even months at a time; Our family’s world(s) that are far more real than this one.

ImaginationThis is pretty close to what we experience; Imagine these two worlds above, happening at the same TIME. That’s what it’s really like for us.

  The problem is, that existing in inner world(s) has real world consequences, as both of them are colliding at the same time. MikeANP (And the rest of our family) has been existing in inner worlds, wrapped inside the exterior world we experience, for at least 3 decades (Unknowingly to MikeANP), constantly. We exist in the exterior world and our inner worlds at the same time. (See important above image)

I can finally explain my behavior, all of it, everything – My entire life, to anyone’s satisfaction in our family’s standard. 30 seconds.

This realization is one that has taken almost a decade to conclude and the achievement of MikeANP’s life – My proudest one.


  I’d also thank the entire world and Mr. Matrix, for putting up with my crazy bullshit antics all these decades. Thank you.

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