Someone, a possible #Divergent was put into our path; Quite the story she has. She recalls, very vividly, high drama in the sky. She’s flying along as a young girl, in a small plane. The pilot’s son is flying (Who isn’t a licensed pilot – As far as we know). All of the sudden, out of the blue, the father starts shrieking and yelling at his son because he made a mistake, grabs the yoke of the airplane and puts the aircraft into a steep nosedive. This possible #Divergent was absolutely terrified by the event – She recalls it lucidly with quite a lot of fear, even to this day. She said she was afraid she might die.

The PROBLEM is, we are pilots. We have flown small planes since we were children. We have dedicated our lives to the study of aviation. Everything about that event sounds STAGED. The only time a pilot would react in such an extreme way (For a trained, accomplished pilot) is to avoid a midair collision. If it was a possible mid air, generally people see the plane they almost hit and everyone points. She doesn’t recall anything about a near collision or anything being mentioned about a collision.

Putting a small airplane into a “Dive” isn’t necessarily dangerous but it’s certainly dramatic especially if one isn’t warned – Then it’s incredibly scary. Add in shrieking and yelling in a dramatic environment – Permanent and DELIBERATE fear.

Pilots are trained to react to emergency situations in the exact opposite reaction – Calm, and reassuring to passengers – They don’t shriek and berate mistakes by copilots in the sky; That’s for the ground. If you lose emotional control in an airplane, you could get yourself (And everyone else) killed.

Small airplanes are incredibly loud and they are very cramped – They can be very uncomfortable and unnerving. Small planes get bumped around very easily in turbulent air and when you’re in a small plane, you are very aware of your height. Flying in small airplanes can be extremely stressful for new fliers or those who don’t know anything about aviation. This possible #Divergent, at that age (And now), didn’t know anything about aviation.

Any true #Divergent at this point is asking…WHYYYYYY for the LOVE of God, would you want to scare an innocent girl half to death in a small airplane (Assuming this was a staged event). Doesn’t make any sense, until you apply our family of Miscreants to the problem. Then it makes total sense.

The Matrix knows by design, our home is the sky and the Matrix knows flying is in our DNA. The Matrix knew, at some point, this possible #Divergent would be put in our path, nothing in this realm, is left to chance. Both pilots knew what was gonna happen, at some point they were going to scare a little girl with a dramatic flight maneuver that might appear life threatening but wasn’t.

And whenever we spoke of small planes, the science of flight with her, when we referred to her as a “Mooney Bravo” what would that do? Cause instant fear (Including death) and dissociation- of our family and everything that our family loves. Flying. This person may not even realize their brain is recalling fear (And dissociating) even if she doesn’t necessarily FEEL fearful or fuzzy- It’s still happening.. “But the imprint is always there…”. This person is scared to death of us – For good reason.

Fear is an incredible tool of manipulation and can cause lifelong damage. This possible #Divergent was set against us, by Matrix default. Mr. Matrix wanted our family and this person to collide and hate everything about our Matrix exteriors, to our cores.

And WHYYYY would the matrix want to do that?

To see what happens.

The Flat Earth Movement called Yoga “Demonic” – Why? Mr. Matrix wanted us associating Yoga to evil and awfulness (Which we never subscribed to). it just happens this possible #Divergent is a Yoga freak. We don’t do Yoga for a reason and it has nothing to do with our thoughts of it being evil – Certainly looks staged and did, even then – A bit too deliberate. Flat Earth was just a front – A facade that had to appear to #DIvergents as a real “Community”.

A collision course was set for two incredibly delusional #Divergents who would recoil from each other in every possible way, by design. (Assuming this person is one) We are probably dead on. There is also the possibility that we could also be wrong about this aviation incident.

High drama in the skies, lovely readers, to serve a purpose.