Dispossesions (DSP) – Why the silence? (Readers) (Family)

Hello, lovely readers. Holy crap. This is one of the longest disposessions (DSP) we have ever had. Consider the “Dispossession” component of DID as a manic Ghost slowly leaving your body – This is the frightening part of the experience.

The crash (Cr) that results from a dispossession is really awful part. Katy has been off and on crying for days – We have been eating 3 times as much as we usually do. We are bouncing all over the place emotionally – It seems we have a more dominant Katy #Mae, as well – We are pretty sure she’s doing her best to comfort the rest of us (She’s a healer).

Some of you out there might not have heard from us in a while. So, why the silence during this phase of DiD?

We generally refrain from interacting with others to prevent another possession or dominance (-D+) issue happening during a DSP/Cr. The worst situation someone could face, living with DiD, is going from a DSP/Cr state, directly into another one, when one is already physically and mentally exhausted.

That’s when things become exponentially dangerous.


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