In an earlier post, I talked about a possible #Divergent being traumatized, particularly in a context of aviation; The stage was set but that wasn’t the only event that was intended to frighten and traumatize when no real danger existed, for this same #Divergent.

So the story goes, one night, this possible #Divergent was walking into a store and someone was following her. She got into her car and she was followed by this same man. She hit the highway and sped up but this same person was following her down the highway, causing a ruckus.

This #Divergent was terrified, again, that she might be raped, killed – Awful things; The mind can take you into incredible fantasies of awfulness. This person kept following and heckling her on the road. This #Divergent thought she was going to be run off the road and worse.

During this “Chase”, she called the police. The police instructed her to drive to the police station. Which she did.

  Amazingly, this maniac (Who has a police record) followed her INTO the police barracks to be caught by the police! Followed her right into a police station. This stinks of a setup because here’s the even weirder part; This chase lasted HALF AN HOUR (3). Half an hour. Think about that.

Even this #Divergent used the word “Bizarre” to describe the event, along with “traumatizing” and “frightening”. We can absolutely imagine how terrifying this event must have been. It must have been incredibly frightening.

Here’s the kicker, the “Best” part of this one if there is a “Best” part of this act. What was this person’s name?

  (M)ichael (F)itzpatrick

  M=13 F=6 – -or- 3/6


When we looked up this person, the story of his illegal exploits were LOADED with 3’s and math puzzles; Our best bet is that this guy was instructed to chase and frighten but not to harm. This person could well have been a cop and a dummy story was put together to make it appear real to the #Divergent. What is “real?” “How do we define, “real?”.

Considering who this person might be (#Divergent in question) who’s still part of #Factions and completely delusional, the idea that this was a setup makes perfect sense. Ensure that this female #Divergent understand’s through engineered fear, that men are crazy, evil rapists. The question is, WHYYY would you want to do that to a woman in the first place?

  Our family knows why.