Brand new Echo Element (E/e=?) of Katy Mae!! (Readers) (Family)


This is beyond perfect; This is the Katy Mae reaction that best describes her when people end up speaking too quickly or too much. It’s exciting when we get to create a new Katy Mae echo element (E/e=KbM).

Note the blue on coffee cup.

  Those living with DiD usually have “Co-engagements” (C/eg=?) happening which means more than one person is listening to the person(s) who’s speaking. Which also means, as you speak, we are having our own internal conversations happening about what you are saying, at the same time. A lot is happening, instantly.

This is why speaking very slowly and very quietly with someone with DiD is the best course of action – Along with speaking deliberately; Talking too much or too quickly or both, will lead to dissociation, stress and possible internal/external conflict.


Author: MikeandKatyBug

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