We have been sobbing to this movie for decades. As it turns out, we spotted yet another crucifix in “Pearl Harbor”. What’s incredible is that we have been staring at this particular “Echo Element – E/e” decade after decade and never saw it. This is an echo of course of Kayleigh Marie and MikeANP supporting each other through aviation. The cross (Excluding the Red Cross) is in black, on the far left.

In this particular element we have echoed at least 2 million times in our lifetime, (Conservative number), both internally (I/-p+) and externally (E/-p+), you can see Mike and Kayleigh running for their lives during an attack. As with all echos involving MikeANP and Kayleigh Marie, we are flying extremely close to each other (Formation).  This echo makes me cry, even as I type this. It’s one of my favorites.

Bonus cross from the same movie – Indicating the divinity of the F/s system, who are amazing pilots, themselves. Click continue reading to check it out!