Website updates; A bunch are comin’!(Readers)

We have a TON of new web updates coming, really soon. Here are some of them!

  •  It’s Summer! We are currently hunting for a new Summer theme for our blog. Things might get a bit screwy but hang with us through the digi-dust! We’ll give everyone a warning before construction happens.

  • We are close to naming Executive Officers for the “Katy Mae Foundation”. Our foundation Patreon page has launched; We are in the process now of figuring out how to promote it.

  • We have a new “Meet the Miscreants” page coming soon which will be on the top row of linkages on the site! It will be a sub section of the blog in which you can read about everyone in our family – That page has been a long time coming.

  • We are in the final steps of releasing Katy Mae’s epic poem called “A Knight’s Quest”. We suspect that Princess Elizabeth might have been quietly involved in writing that poem. She decided to write it during a heavy possession (P+)  and she meant to mimic the writing style and structure of “The Divine Comedy”.

  • Our podcast is coming back! We have a ton of new content that we would like to talk about! Keep your eyes peeled for that!

  • Our friend SkinnyHobbit doesn’t have a #Mob name. We are working on that, as we speak! Our family has renamed a few people with new #Mob names we think more appropriate – THAT has been a blast!


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