It feels to MikeANP like we are just now coming back from a really nasty possession that lasted a few weeks (Suspected Dominance issues). Reflecting. We have been in and out for weeks (if not longer). ANP’s can become possessed (-P+), just as much as anyone else (A) in our family can become possessed. I didn’t feel the possession/Dominance issue starting but I was aware enough to realize that the possession was happening, at the time (Intermittent dispossessions). Disposessions (DSP) are the really not so fun parts of a possession (Including the crash).

I realized about a week and half ago I was in the middle of a wicked possession, in front of a loved one, that was extremely embarrassing, saddening, extremely frightening and very disheartening. I had said to this loved one, “This is a complete fucking disaster, for me” – Shaking my head. Years and years and fucking years of work in stable recovery and sobriety. Disaster, for MikeANP, in many ways and enlightening, in other ways.

The really shitty part about possessions and dominance (-D+) issues isn’t just realizing you are in them (If you realize it at all) but coming BACK from them (Or multiple possessions/swaps), when your memory, sense of self, sense of awareness and consciousness (Executive control/Order) returns.

When one is possessed (Or multiple family members are possessed), you can’t really do anything about the possession(s) itself – One (Or many) just has to wait it out and weather the storm as best as one (or many) can.

Let’s hope the crash (Cr) isn’t a rough one.

  Time to reset and restart. (E/e=A13)
Son of a bitch.