We are human trafficking survivors and we are MORE. (Dear World) (Family) (Mr. Matrix)

The Knight’s of Columbus. Pedophile rings, Lies. Deceptions. “Oh, he’s a just a worthless nigger“. Catholic Social Services knowing that placing us in that adoptive home would end with our destruction (We have evidence of this written in their own handwriting). Multiple agencies knew we were being tortured and knew they were being lied to by child traffickers. (Evidence in abundance)


Murder (Drowning). attempted murder, Interstate Child trafficking. Rape. Interstate molestation(s), Torture, Starvation. Kidnapping. Crime against humanity.

  “You have a very strong case…”

  Katy Mae; We finally have the evidence we have been waiting for. NONE of this is your fault- We were destroyed by child molesting child traffickers. We LOVE you now, more than ever. You are wonderful and good and a blessing to the world; They didn’t take away your loveliness, no how hard they tried.

“I want to support you”  –Law Enforcement Officer

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2 Responses

  1. skinnyhobbit says:

    Wordless. Love to all of you.

  2. Sunny says:

    The truth is going to come out. Stay strong ❤️

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