Hello lovely readers! Today is an exciting day! We have scheduled a called with a professional who can help guide us through the legal process of creating the “Katy Mae Foundation”. That phone call will be happening next week.

We know you are asking yourself “What is the Katy Mae Foundation’s” goal? Our goal is to help provide financial, information and material resources to those who are the victims of human trafficking and sexual enslavement.

Our foundation’s mission is:

  • Provide information and financial support to current victims of said trafficking/enslavement rings who seek to escape them.
  • Provide financial resources to state and local agencies dedicated to eradicating human tracking and sexual enslavement rings.
  • Provide financial resources to victims of human trafficking/sexual enslavement rings so that they may seek therapeutic assistance and begin the process of independence and recovery.
  • To provide information and material support for public mental health professionals and public mental health agencies who treat the victims and survivors of human trafficking/enslavement rings.
  • To provide physical and emotional support to both current victims and those victims who have escaped¬† the clutches of trafficking/enslavement rings.
  • To provide information to the general public about human trafficking/sexual enslavement rings.

  We will not fail, in our mission.
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