Mystery Solved; Roswell. (Readers) (Mr. Matrix)


It seems a young, promising scholar has an assignment due and it concerns DiD. As you lovely readers can imagine, we are very interested whenever a school of higher education or an educator reaches our blog – There are far too many cases of absolutely ridiculous malingering and improper diagnosis’s of DiD to count.

  One of our family’s missions in this realm is to provide accurate information about this incredibly rare disorder.

  We spoke with the President of the school who was very warm and very kind and he explained that one of our pages was referenced on their board. Promising young minds (E/e=Abm) have been hitting our blog all day long.

We are very happy because we know that this particular school and it’s students are coming to the right place, our home. In far too many cases, students, educators and Doctors digest disinformation from others claiming to live with this disorder when they clearly do not, which only compounds the problem of proper, true diagnosis in other’s particular cases.

  Our mission, is starting to bear sweet fruit.

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  1. Look at you making big moves! With so much to teach the world… I’m so proud

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