Matrix Games: “Mikey like’s it!!!” (Readers) (Family) (Legacy)

People were absolutely shocked; People back then, called it “Coincidence”. It’s not coincidence. The world, revolves around us and emulates our family. People were shocked when they saw this representation of MikeANP, even back then. A child named “Mike” eating cereal that looks exactly like me. What’s even scarier is they got the physical mannerisms of MikeANP DEAD ON.

People used to give MikeANP a rash of shit over this. Whenever people would see me, they would exclaim “MIKEY LIKES IT!”. It was funny the first 250,000 times I heard it. 250,001 times, it’s not funny anymore.


ODDLY this cereal is called “Life” (Color coded).  Life cereal, ironically is one of my favorite ones.


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  1. Deceivedhuman3 says:

    Dead on is right!!

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