A college (Or student) (Emnur) may be studying us. (Roswell) (CRASH) (DSP)


We are in the middle of a horrible crash. A really bad one. Think of a Flu without the fever (Plus heavy depression) – This is known as a “Disposession – (DSP)”.  So anyways, I took a look at our hit statistics and an interesting visitor linkage popped up – It’s coming from a college’s online assignment blackboard, in Roswell, New Mexico (Emnur) – Apparently, someone must have an assignment due on DiD (Or other mental health issues) and is quietly lurking our blog; The link is as follows:



  Interesting; If you are a Doctor, Professor or a student seeking more information about DiD, please reach out via our “Contact Form” – If we are the subject of study (Which it certainly appears as though we are), our family would greatly appreciate be informed of that situation happening.

  I have reached out to the college’s President seeking more information.

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