We always walked with a weird instep – A bow our leg makes, when we walk, our right leg. It’s always been there. Katy Mae is the most clumsy chick I have ever met – It’s extremely noticeable, especially when she’s dominant. This isn’t normal clumsy, this is something else – Totally uncoordinated. Never explainable (Nor explained) until today, now it’s totally explainable.

We re-create that drowning (Seizure) and we actually, physically turn ICE COLD to the touch. People who have witnessed them say “Oh my God, your skin is ice cold – How is this possible”? Recreating the moment we came back from being ice cold, that’s all. We are non verbally communicating with each other, and the world as to what happened to us.

It’s likely we suffered a stroke, seizure and resultant permanent brain damage (Coordination/memory disorders – Comorbidity/Altar) from that drowning and we were out long enough to be completely ice cold, we quote:

The greatest permanent harm in drowning accidents is to the brain, which has negligible metabolic substrate reserves to subsist upon in the absence of continuous delivery of oxygenated blood. Functional failure begins within seconds after abrupt disruption of circulation at normal body temperature [1].
The brain is sensitive to the timing, duration, and intensity of hypoxia. Irreversible injury develops in the hippocampus, basal ganglia, and cerebral cortex within 4–10 min [2]. Resuscitation at this stage may manifest in memory, movement, and coordination disorders. Only a few additional minutes of hypoxia may result in persistent coma. “Seizures following hypoxic brain injury are common.”