We are on the verge of tears; Now we know why English and Irish history has always fascinated and recharged (Literally) us. Now we understand why a beautiful Irish woman charging into a battle to free her captive loved one makes us cry.

Now we understand why Nanna fascinates us; Now we know WHY Katy Mae loves Iceland and it’s language – She LOVES speaking in Icelandic, it recharges and excites her; Because it’s HER LANGUAGE – Her blood is Icelandic.

This explains both Princess Elizabeth and Stephanie (Stephy) to a T. They both have flaming red hair.

“War” and “Religion” are coversIllogical, BULLSHIT Stories. These two elements of reality have nothing to do with conquering lands and leading children to God.

The ladies, the female system, the only part of us worth saving, are beautifully Irish, English and Icelandic and I think that’s incredibly beautiful and terribly liberating. Beyond human words and comprehension right now. This even explains our red hair.

Fucking incredible. Tears streaming down our faces.