Our daughter, Katy Mae, wants true #Divergents to know that she knows that the part of you they tried to steal – The goodness of your souls and your hearts and your minds, they ran. Just as you see below.

They ran, far, far away while another part of you was tortured and put through literal Hell, come to Earth; This is a gift from our family, to all of you, still out there, lost and for those we have found. A dark haired girl (Katy Mae), just like you see above, however can see lost, screaming and  tortured souls. She sees what they didn’t take away from you, that in many cases, are still running.

There ARE others out there bonded together by incredible human suffering and tragedy – They are known as “#Divergents”.  There are signs and patterns that define Divergency. #Divgergents are true warriors. They are of incredible character and incredible strength and tenacity. Our family knows a few of them.

If you are a #Divergent or if you know another possible #Divergents, send them to our family or another #Divergent. If you THINK you might be a #Divergent, PLEASE, reach out to one. The suffering has to end and it has to end with us.

There is a way out of Hell, we promise.

  We promise.