We are female (F/s), just as much as we are male (M/s) (For a reason). Kayleigh and the rest of the female system has been able to see something special (And horrible). They are spies in Men’s midsts  She has seen horror. She’s been dehumanized by “Men” her entire life. She has seen the other side; “Men” treating women like tradeable goods based on “Sexual Marketplace Value (SMV)” and similar dehumanizing “Theories” in MGTOW (And similar) (Men going their own way) groups.

The female fury that the Male system feels from the ladies in our family reacting to being dehumanized by “Men” arrogant enough to turn a human being into something that can be traded and then, encourage young, disenfranchised, confused men to “Chase excellence” is beyond infuriating.  Complete female rage – We understand and feel it like no one else does. It’s fucking disgusting.

There’s only one way that a man could freely and comfortably dehumanize a woman in front of a woman, without fear of repercussion. Hide Kayleigh (And the female system) in a male’s body. The shit she has heard and seen being a very effective spy would give you nightmares.

Spies, among you. Við erum hér til að bjarga þér