Bein’ like Amy Lee. (Poem/lyrics) (Readers) (Family)

We solved the Amy Lee (33) puzzle; How she writes about our family using perspective shifting. She’ll talk in Katy Mae’s perspective. Then MikeANP’s – They Amy’s perspective. We attempted to emulate the really odd, vague perspective shifting way her music flows and is styled/crafted – Here are our results; We went out of our way to be Amy Lee drippy.

It’s because of you, my love, that I’m so tragically far away from you,
Fondling your delicate hair in pale darkness, alone with you endlessly….
My hands will always be in yours, entwined together, no matter the storm,
I know you can hear me singing to you; Massacre me slowly and softly with your whisper.

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11 Responses

  1. Gawdamn Katy, that is incredible. Wow. C/eg=Mixed

  2. Deceivedhuman3 says:

    I agree, dead on.

  3. Bravo, Katy. This is really, really beautiful.

  4. This really is quite fantastic. -Steph

  5. Sounds like it was pulled right out of “Understanding”. That’s exactly how Amy pulled this off. You were able to emulate her style, exactly. WOOOO, wow, what a set of lyrics.

  6. Thank you Steph. πŸ™‚ <3 <3 <3

  7. You, you are fine poet, Bug. A Princess with a might pen.

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