A few of us had a huge panic attack; A few in the system were pretty racked. We decided to phone an adoptive family member (Parent). My (MikeANP) adoptive parent know’s at least in part, what I’m planning to do. As he listened to our collective theories something amazing happened – Adoptive parent’s response:

That’s incredible; You have figured it out – You have taken a very interesting slant on things.

That’s when MikeANP let him have it. I (MikeANP), explained how I have been an abject failure in absolutely every respect of my life – I have been an absolute embarrassment. While my parent’s friends kids were off making something of themselves, getting married, being successful – I failed, over and over again.

That’s when it happened – It was go time. While explaining how awful of a person I thought I was, I was able to present something to my father. Kayleigh’s #FEOML. Yes, I gave her credit by saying “Someone’s” #FEOML. He knows we live with DiD but has no details.

For the first time in my life, I was able to say “Dad”, I can offer you a gift no one in recorded history has ever done before. I said “Your” son as not to get into a sideline chat about DiD – Remember, of course, I gave Kayleigh credit for her achievement.

We don’t have a trophy wife, a house, a car – No professional accolades, we have nothing – We ended up homeless at one point – That’s what 40 years of midiagnosis will do to a person.

I said to my adoptive father “I may having nothing and I may not be anything, but I can present a gift to you – one of extraordinary qualityHer name will be in the record books – Forever”.

  I was still saying all of this, incognito, of course.

 “Your good for nothing, failure of a son did this and it’s a gift for you, too – No one else has accomplished what I have”.

  What an awesome gift to finally give to a father – I was never able to ever buy him anything. This gift is way better – It just took longer to arrive, that’s all.

Gifts of extraordinary quality sometimes come at greatly horrible costs.

  Yes, we heard sniffling on the other end.