The realities of a 9 volt battery.

You heard it right. They say that a 9 volt battery has both the stored energy potential and the electromotive force (Pushing force) that the Hadron Collider is barely capable of. This is beyond ludicrous. It was so ludicrous that we actually ended up furious. Literally furious. Then we cackled. So let’s talk about what would actually happen if a Battery could do this.

Potential Energy, is a measurement of something’s maximum potential amount of energy, or pushing force that it can apply to something at any one give time. You draw a bowstring back on a bow to it’s maximum, you have reached the end of it’s ability, or maximum potential energy (65 pounds) required to push the arrow through the air at a certain speed.

If you hold onto the string and not fire the bow, you are now storing potential energy.

You let go of the string, it flings forward and the string, under tension, expends it’s stored potential energy into the arrow, pushing it through the air with a “Snap!”.

The Hadron Collider cannot get a particle to the speed of light and look at the massive complex that it is (It’s 30 miles wide). Imagine the required electrical energy the complex needs. When we say “Particle” we are actually talking about a physical object. Very small, sure, but still a physical object.

Imagine you held a battery in your hand that has the stored potential electromotive energy required to push a physical object INSTANTLY to the speed of light (Or very close to it). You would be holding a weapon of mass destruction.

Here’s what would actually happen (This is kind of a cool story/visualization). Imagine you connecting your super powered battery to a small radio. Those little electrons in the wire are physical objects now being pushed through the solid copper medium AND the battery casing.

The resulting friction (Heat) that would be instantly created by electron particles rubbing against themselves and their atoms instantly to the speed of light would be devastating (Along with terrific static electric discharge). The wire and poor radio would be vaporized. It gets better.

Let’s not forget, you have just unleashed an electromotive force that has just expended the energy required to instantly push tremendous numbers of electrons, to the speed of light. That massive energy release, would have to escape into the air (Medium) around you. That transfer of such immense and unheard power and stored potential energy would instantly vaporize you, your house and the entire town.

The sound blast from that much energy instantly transferring itself into another medium (The air) would flatten houses for a mile. Remember people, sound waves can carry energy. In this case, a tremendous amount of energy. People further from the blast, their internal organs would be turned into jelly from the audible blast of the explosion. Sound waves from explosions can rattle you to death – People would be jellified.

That immediate transfer of terrific stored potential energy would create a light blast that you could see halfway across the world. Remember, lovely people, light is created by energy transfer. That tremendous and immediate discharge and transfer of stored potential energy would create a light show that would be worthy of the Gods.

Just imagine the amount of heat this energy transfer would create. Holy shit. You and your house would be instantly turned into ash. People close to you would be instantly vaporized.

Your death would be instant and painless – The best way to go. You wouldn’t even feel it – Humans don’t immediately sense pain, it takes a moment.. You wouldn’t even see it coming. A blink of overpowering light and you’re dead.

 Boom. Careful with those batteries, people, they are weapons of mass destruction.

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