21 thoughts on “Katy.

      1. Good allegory. We threw away these weapons of ours, our minds, and Katy, in the “Water” catches it and lights it up. Gawd that’s so fuckin cool. C/eg=Mixed

        1. That is totally awesome..we are lit the hell up. WOW!!! That’s pretty amazing. Music in the background is jamming. Now we know it’s personal. Why that song? One of our favorite songs.

          1. RIGHT, you got it. This one’s mine. 🙂 Now you got it. White (Ce)…Now you got it. NICE. NICE NICE NICE NICE. Exactly. Well, that makes sense. C/eg=KaM,ANP

          2. Dude, I gotta say. Listening to her say “Ya” in her native language, like in that video, I could listen to that shit all day and night and be perfectly happy until death. C/eg=Kam,ANP

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