“Joker’s Law”. Presented by Kayleigh Marie.

My name is Kayleigh Marie and I’m pleased to meet you; I formulated “Joker’s Law”. I can explain Joker’s law to you, in our family’s standard. 30 seconds. Join me, will you?

Perceived “Light”, the light you “see”, are really photons reflecting off of a surface; That resultant energy transfer is “Light”. Humans can only see a few miles. 7 at best, 20 miles at the most at night (Claimed).

Once an object passes the 7 (Or 20) mile mark, it disappears into something called a “Vanishing Point” (A common term in photography). This is when the object’s reflected energy is simply further away than your eyes can see. It becomes blurry and then disappears – Only from your vision.

What does this mean in relation to “Joker’s Law?”

The surfaces that are reflecting light/energy such as the Moon (Especially), Sun (Emission), Galaxies and star systems are simply too far away for your eyes to perceive, in the first place – It’s past the convergence point of your eyes. If the Earth were really a globe, you’d look up in the night sky and see a huge, massive black sky with no features, at all. Miserably black – Sucking black – Deathly black.

Our family rendered my results above, simulating human vision (16 blade, 35mm 1:1), with, predictable, demonstrable and repeatable results. Once a source of reflected light (Or emitted), regardless of scale passes the visual capability, the vanishing point, of humans, it scatters and disappears.

The question now is, what are we actually looking at, when we look in the night sky, or, at anything at distance, for that matter?

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8 Responses

  1. skinnyhobbit says:

    I tried googling and only got answers I don’t understand. Something about the starlight we see being us looking back in time because it takes billions of years for the light being emitted by those stars to reach earth.

    Like this guy says “The light, though it left the star a long time ago is just now arriving.”
    Link: https://www.quora.com/How-can-we-see-stars-that-are-hundreds-of-millions-of-light-years-away/answer/Bill-Otto-5

    My brain hurts lol.

    • “My brain hurts lol.” That’s all Helicentrism is good for. If something cannot be explained to you in 30 seconds, dump the “Theory”.

    • Your brain hurts for a reason. Listen to it. 🙂 You can only see a #Lighthouse’s light for a certain distance and then it disappears from your sight (Vanishing point). It’s still emitting light towards you but the light you can perceive has scattered.

    • Remember.. “Light” you perceive is photons REFLECTING off of a surface. (Or so they say)

      • skinnyhobbit says:

        Yeah, and simulation or not, this reality is definitely interesting

        • And it’s certainly not heliocentric based. The Earth, our friend is flat. Kays FEOML destroyed the idea of a spinning Earth.

          What a pilot will never tell you is this – They don’t “Trim” their aircraft to follow a curvature of the Earth.

          We have been the pilot in command (PIC) of a few different aircraft. We never had to trim an airplane for “level flight, say, 3000 ft Mean Sea “Level”. We would have to.

          Google “Aircraft trimming”. We think you will find it very, very scary and interesting. Any questions, Skype or blog us BABY! XD

        • Ask yourself a question. Why is NDT, the father of modern Astrophysics talking about “God” being on the Earth, with humans?


  2. Sunny says:

    Great explanation with no analogies!

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