It’s us who are lost in Paradise. (Super Long Read)

We have been talking about Amy singing about our family. From multiple perspectives. She’ll sing in Katy’s perspective, Mike’s perspective, Amy’s perspective, all in one line. A truly, truly beautiful and awe inspiring puzzle we were given.

(Joker) There’s a reason WHY Kayleigh is fascinated with the sound and power Thunder – She especially misses the terrible storms back home. There’s a REASON why she gets off watching storms destroy things – Loves watching cities being leveled. There’s a reason she’s fascinated the end of the world. There’s a reason WHY she loves witnessing “Mother” nature’s absolute power and fury.

She’s fascinated with this while the rest of us are going “HOLY SHIT we are going to be hit by lightning!!” Kayleigh sneers at Mother natures fury while the rest of us are terrified and saddened by the loss of life. Especially Katy Mae. Katy hates when other’s suffer. That’s called an “Opposing Alter State”. Kayleigh loves watching this and Katy Mae hates it. It’s a very tricky situation to end up in, living with DiD.

We know why some of us love hearing ejected brass hitting different surfaces. Oh god, it’s beautiful. Katy Mae loves hearing children laugh. It’s a very ODD effect. She’s energized by the sounds of children laughing – She comes alive. There’s a reason why we love the sound of Religious music and choral chants but we are completely disgusted with the idea of “Organized religion”.

Kayleigh (And some of us) loves hearing a woman’s voice in all conditions and we mean all conditions, while some in our family don’t. For some of us, a woman’s voice is like Heroin. All of these things are explainable and now we know why. We are literally being energized, LITERALLY. Energy transfer. Sound waves can carry energy and not matter (Particles).

Beautiful, energizing thunder. Every thing we hear in our world is a lightning strike with a clap of thunder.

Everything in this realm, every sound you hear, is thunder but it might not be for the reasons that you were taught to believe. When we put Particle Physics and Classical Mechanics in it’s box, just for a while – Like a “time out you maniacs”, a whole new world opens up. A very, very exciting one. We have always known that there is crystalline salt in ocean water, FOR A REASON.

The world around us is a self powering realm. Not however, in the way that you think. Our realm, is all about energy transfer. In a realm like this, trees are of extreme importance. Everything in this realm has a function to power itself. The Crystalline salt ice challenge burns so severely for a reason. Energy transfer.

Energy transfer but not in the way you are being told; Not exactly. You set a fire in the woods and you are being told it’s being “Burned” – Not exactly. You are witnessing energy transfer – The roar of the fire is actual THUNDER – the resultant of energy transfer.

Speaking of which, this explains why fires burn brighter in moonlight. Makes total sense. Did you know the “Moon” emits cold light/energy? Makes even more sense.

You turn on your stove, it get’s hot – They tell you energy is being transferred and it is but not exactly. They pack stove top ranges with a Crystalline “insulator” for a reason.

They are called the fucking  “ThunderBirds” for a reason, for God’s sake. Let’s consider the idea that those fighter jets aren’t burning particles of oxygen. They are most certainly transferring energy and consuming “Fuel” but not exactly. That roar of the jet engines IS thunder. Hence, “Thunderbirds”.

Why does our family love the astounding sights and sounds of energy transfer and the resulting thunder?

  It’s the sounds, sights and ultimate power of “God”.

“God” turning Lot’s wife into a pile of salt with a light/sound based wonder weapon; Entirely, entirely possible considering the realm we exist in.

   For a laugh – They expect you beautiful people to believe that a 9 volt battery has the same electromotive energy potential as the Hadron Collider. We are serious.


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  1. haha@Mom. This is absolutely beautiful and wonderful. <3 <3 <3

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