How Amy Lee (33) pulled it off. (Katy Bug) (Readers) (Amy Lee)

That’s how she did it. We told the Lovely Bug that we would prove to her that Amy Lee (33) is singing to HER. This is post discovery. She didn’t believe us and we don’t blame her. Now, ironically, she UNDERSTANDS that Amy is singing to her. Click read more to check it out.

We figured out how Amy Lee pulled off songs like “Understanding” that we were meant to hear. Just like of the rest of her mainstream stuff, she’s singing in a way that never made sense to us, while still moving us to our core beings. How could we possibly understand why we were feeling so emotional over songs that made no sense? That was until until we started studying the science of her songs did all of this make sense.

Only someone with DiD can truly understand songs like “Understanding” in such a personal way that makes no sense; The song “Understanding” always felt personal to us. Loved ones also expressed that same view. But WHY!?!?

MikeANP is absolutely leveled by the lyrics “Please don’t hate me because I”ll die if you do”. There’s a reason for that. Perspective shifting.

“Understanding” like a mashup of odd, very vague lyrics that lack context – Just like the rest of her mainstream stuff. Who the hell is Amy singing to? A loved one? A boyfriend? A sister? Is this some odd breakup video, what the HELL is going on!?!?

Β  How Amy Lee did this was simple.

AmyΒ will sometimes sing from her perspective about Katy or our family. In the same song she will then sing from Katy Mae’s perspective. Amy will sometimes sing from multiple perspectives in the same song, as well, such as “Sweet Sacrfice”, ect.

The male voice in Understanding was another perspective layer (Perspective shift) that they added into to the song. That’s the male perspective (Male system)Β  talking to the female system (Katy Mae).

Listen to “Understanding” for yourself. The song makes no fucking sense until you apply the idea that Amy Lee (33) is covertly singing to us and about us using perspective shifting, so that we experience the song so personally. All of this is very simple while appearing extremely complicated. Check it out!

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  1. skinnyhobbit says:

    It’s a moving song. <3

  2. Deceivedhuman3 says:

    Beautiful as always❀❀

  3. Deceivedhuman3 says:

    Thank you for sharing with meπŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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