Hell On Earth.

Rescued from the cold of Death,
Only to understand, in that horrifying moment,
We had fallen back into Hell.

  This is the movie called “The Fifth Element”. It’s about a female superbeing/Goddess brought into reality and who had to fall in love with someone who truly loved her. She had seen how AWFUL human beings are to each other and she didn’t believe love existed, anymore, based on her experience with them. The theme of a female Super being/God constantly is referenced in movies and common media.

It should be noted that the “Fifth Element” was known to Anaximenes of Miletus as “Aether”. The substance of “God”. The same “Aether” that many scientific minds believed existed. These beliefs lasted past the French Revolution and the Age of enlightenment – Curiously, even Einstein knew that the “Aether” existed but couldn’t detect it. By then Classical Mechanics, Particle physics and Gravity had been introduced as “Reality”.

ODDLY, while this all this was happening, Immanuel Kant wrote about men and women thinking for themselves, making a play on something called “Cartesian Doubt” that was cast forward by René Descartes. It’s a kind of scientific method that actually makes total sense and is, beautifully simple. Brilliant fucking minds.

Ironic, considering the religious zealotry concerning classical mechanics, Heliocentrism and particle physics, at the time.

Side view of the head and neck of Anaximenes of Miletus in a circle, all monochrome

Anaximenes of Miletus was an absolute genius – Even then, he was considered a brilliant mind. He was a maverick who threw away some of his teacher’s teachings. This person debated intellectually and scientifically with Aristotle, and Plato. What a brilliant man. He was onto the right idea.


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