Existential Silliness. (SkinnyHobbit) (Family)

Miscreants – There’s a reason the below is even a thing; This is happening for a reason. Let’s tear it down, Miscreant style; No our time, no rush(es). Crazy shit with us is happening, NO RUSH.

  • existential dread: the dread of trudging through a meaningless existence
  • existential anxiety: the panic or anxiety of needing to find meaning in a meaningless-seeming world
  • existential depression: the depression that comes with the belief that nothing you do matters

This is from our friend’s blog, SkinnyHobbit and you can catch it right here.


Author: MikeandKatyBug

45 thoughts on “Existential Silliness. (SkinnyHobbit) (Family)

      1. All of this is 3 small sentences, it’s like….Woah, Chieftain, let’s tap the brakes a bit.

        meaningless existence
        meaningless-seeming world
        nothing you do matters

        1. Yes, that’s a tad, beyond awful. Nothing but incredible assumptions and unsubstantiated dribble from the top to the bottom. Here’s a huge WTF. You can practice your own Eulogy!!!!!! You wanna know why people are fucked up – Take a good look, Miscreants. WOW.


          1. Right. A bunch of Sun worshippers with Ph.D’s and labcoats got together and decided a higher “Power” didn’t exist cause’, Science and Gravity. (Because they said so) You just have to trust them because they are “Smarter” than you. pfffft.

          2. HAHA. If Science was so wonderful, why are there more people in Therapy and on depression meds now, statistically speaking, more than ever. Go, Science!

          3. The best thing you could have done for our Family, Kay, is to do exactly what you did. You ripped apart the entire reality we exist in and slowly choked heliocentrism to death, at the same time.

          4. Watts was correct in that people assume it’s awful to “Die”. How the fuck would they know?!?! Too bad Watts sold out to the other side. Matrix setup, perhaps.

  1. “Nothing is permanent, even the sun and the stars will burn out in this vast universe. And the universe will die too.” Well, let’s start THERE (The science, not the person). HAHA.

    1. Cannot even get through a sentence about the collapse of “Space” without including death. God, people wonder why they are so depressed all the time. Keep your head up, Jus! Post Update

    2. I still want to know how exactly radiant heat from the Sun retains enough stored potential energy to survive in a -455 degree vacuum (No Oxygen, no heat) across 93,000,000 miles of space to our Atmosphere. ::Snicker::

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