Coming to grand conclusion: Katy Mae.

There is a reason WHY our family has always worshiped women in the way other’s simply can’t or won’t; We experience women differently than anyone else on Earth.
It is explainable
but no one has been able to explain it, until now. 

Women, in their all conquering wonderment and absolute elegance, are the direct reflection ofGod”, of whom even the “Devil” bows to and dares not look at; She’s simply too beautiful and that beauty carries power and potential energy beyond measure.

Women’s true beauty is truly terrifying.

We totally and completely understand.

If the world was really what we are told it is, “Wars” would be fought to protect women; The true Goddesses, Princesses and saviors of this realm. We call women Goddesses because we aren’t kidding. Just as Dante wasn’t kidding, either. He wrote of a self powering realm, himself, with great passion that he loved – You’d think he was writing about Bar Rafaeli – It’s all the same thing:


“And likewise this heaven-born woman
stays frozen, like the snow in shadow,
and is unmoved, or moved like a stone,
by the sweet season that warms all the hills,
and makes them alter from pure white to green,
so as to clothe them with the flowers and grass.”

“When her head wears a crown of grass
she draws the mind from any other woman,
because she blends her gold hair with the green
so well that Amor lingers in their shadow,
he who fastens me in these low hills,
more certainly than lime fastens stone.”

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    Ooooo, I love this!!

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